How to test gold at home

Using a gold testing kit, testing gold at home couldn’t be easier. Most kits will come with handy, step-by-step instructions but the following are some things to look out for when learning how to test gold at home.

Your kit should include an information sheet which details any visible change you should expect to see. For items with possible plating, you will need to make a small groove in the surface of the item, and proceed with testing against the exposed area to ensure accurate results. We suggest making the groove on an inconspicuous area of the item with a gold testing file, since they are of a professional standard and are perfect for providing the accuracy needed.

For items without plating, simply rub against Gold IRA, covering a small area and proceed with the test against the gold streak.

Safety first

Whilst most gold testing kits are very safe and easy to use, many kits need to have some corrosive properties in order to be effective. Therefore, adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should be worn at all times. This includes gloves, eye protection and adequate ventilation. Do not allow the product to come into contact with skin or eyes and do not breathe in any vapours.

Read all instructions carefully and make sure any recommended safety precautions are taken before commencing with any gold testing.

But please do not be unduly alarmed – remember, that many household products are potentially hazardous if used incorrectly. Bleach, oven cleaner and drain cleaner are all potentially hazardous if not used correctly.